I’m Hailey Zureich, the Idea Goddess.

Becoming an Idea Goddess was not as easy as just being a headache to my father. 

It was a long, beautiful, brutal journey that stemmed from one core truth.

I had a clear understanding and love of who I am and I was unafraid to say it.

This lead to my Ted Talk, where I declared in front of thousands of people that I am an Idea Goddess.


During my childhood I survived more than a decade of focused and intense bullying, overcome the challenges of dyslexia, and a complicated home life. I joined the workforce just in time for the 2009 recession. As an adult I overcome sexual assault and harassment, navigated three layoffs, and work to manage anxiety.

It has been tough, but my life is also very jubilant.

I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Communications, became a Certified Yoga teacher, and most recently I became a certified Life Coach.

My career has looped through Michigan Works! agencies, Detroit Public Television, technology training, sales, marketing, and I really started out working at a horse stables.

I worked hard to cultivate my practices of curiosity, build relationships with a vibrant array of talented and profound people. I have been able to learn how to become a better ally to LGBTQIA, people of color, survivors of assaults, and all marginalized communities. 

I continue to discover new ways to celebrate my talent, body, intellect and spirit. This has lead me to become a Comedian, Improviser, model, writer, artist and I like to binge watch Living Single on Hulu. 

It was a lot of self work, and I know first hand how tough it can be.

My natural skill set, experiences, education and training are ideal to position me to offer support to those seeking coaching.

I am here to help.


Oakland University

Bachelor of Arts Communications

International Association of Professions Career College

Certified Life Coach

Citizen Yoga

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

9 week Apprenticeship with Anne Zemba


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