March 2017 Friendship Club

Friendship Club is a monthly meeting that allows space for friends to practice the conversational dance of getting to know one another. These might be old chums, familiar acquaintances, or fresh friends. This is your chance to enjoy some brunch, and connect with those around you.

Our first meeting with be Saturday March 25 at 1pm at The Emory in Ferndale.

This is a casual space with lots of room to spread out and chat.  

If you’d like to take a look at the menu, or get information about the restaurant or parking in Ferndale visit:

Rules of Friendship Club:

  • BE YOURSELF. The most exciting thing about you is the tremendous, delightful, complicated YOUNESS—so come as you are. No need to try to act cool, one up, or put anyone down. You’re awesome. You’re enough. Just be you.

  • BE A GOOD LISTENER. Conversation is the primary activity of Friendship Club. Speaking is important—it’s vital to share. It is equally important that you practice your listening skills to really hear your conversation partner out.

    • Best Listening Practices

  • Maintain eye contact, and be aware of the speaker’s nonverbal cues

  • Minimize distractions

  • Ask questions related to speaker’s story/observation

One last thing, please pay your bill. There is no entrance fee for Friendship Club, just a simple request to handle your share. Each member will be responsible for paying for their individual meal.

I look forward to being your friend!

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