April 2017 Friendship Club

I am so excited for our next Friendship Club meeting on Saturday April 15, 1pm at the Emory in Ferndale. 

As with every meeting it's meant to provide space for friends to practice the three main focuses of the club; communication skills, relationship management, and friendship development. This meeting we will be focusing on: small talk.

This si where you get to earn your merit badge--I offer you the first ever Friendship Club Challenge.


April 2017 Friendship Club CHALLENGE: BRING A QUESTION.


Small talk isn’t everyone’s favorite part of getting to know someone—but it is SO important. It’s the foundation from which we build our connection to have strong relationships.

I find that utilizing the “where” questions—“Where are you from?”, “Where do you work?”, “Where did you go to school?”—are often the questions that people feel are the most routine, and least special of questions. While there is IMMENSE VALUE in the answers to these questions, you might not feel keen to be asked, or use these questions during Friendship Club.

So, do a little prep work.

You are the master of your conversation, create the questions you’d like to use while getting to know someone. Try to imagine questions you’d like to be asked, or what kinds of questions would you like to answer. Perhaps think of themes (movies, video games, activities, crafts, recipes, philosophies, etc.) that you’re interested in and shape your questions around that.  

As we’re making friendships, be weary of questions that might be seen as to invasive or vulgar.

You’re brilliant, you’ll come up with something amazing. Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter—you’ll learn from it and move on.


  • How do you like expressing yourself creatively?

  • What’s your favorite story about yourself that you never feel like you can tell?

  • Do you have a favorite writing utensil?

  • Who is your favorite musician lately?

  • When is your next big adventure?

Don’t stress yourself out too much, just take a few moments to think about it and be unafraid to try!

I look forward to being friends.