Episode 64

Carolyn Paul (aka Chuff Schmitz) is a comedian, nature lover, and general bad ass. She’s confident to joke and speak in gender, politics, relationships and song lyrics. I’m a huge fan.

She is the creator and producer of Chuff Schmitz presents the Vandyke show, an outdoor, pun-heavy comedy show that brings together old school comedy and contemporary understandings of social behavior.

Get ready to become dazzled by this incredible person.

Episode 63

Episode 63.

This week’s special guest co-host is a brilliant mind, shinning star, and isn’t afraid to talk about being sad and moving on. Christian Little is a recent graduate of Wayne State University’s Master’s program in School and Clinical Counseling.

She is passionate about helping others find joy, honesty and ownership in their story. 


Episode 62

Comedian TBarb is one of the Next Big Comedy Stars! Detroit native—this mother, business owner is a full blown super start— actress, comedian, speaker, and incredible cook.

This is truly one of my favorite episodes and I cannot wait for you to get to know this incredible force to be reckoned with.

Connect with TBard

Website http://www.tbarbisfunny.com

Facebook Page Comedian T.Barb

Episode 61

This week's special guest co-host, Paula Quertermous.

I've known Paula since I was five years old, and have been inspired and nurtured by her all the while. Paula has been an astrologer since 1974 and is still learning something new all the time. She has used her expertise, and constant practice to help people better connect to themselves.

She's lived this incredibly interesting life, built an unique career, and is absolutely one of my very favorite people.

There is MUCH to learn in this episode.

Get ready to enjoy!

Connect with Paula

Website - Paper Moon Astrology

Email - paula@papermoonstrology.com

Episode 60

This week’s special guest co-host is Tanda Kaspryski.

I met Tanda at the shop she co-owns with her finance Lauren in downtown Ferndale— Free Phoenix. Instantly I was impressed, engaged, and WOWED by this powerhouse. This rock climbing Capricorn utilizes the magic of her creative spirit to manifest her vision, and uses her raw power to grow her business, practice self love, and continue to learn about who she is.

I’m SO THRILLED for you to get to know, and eventually SHOP her store.

Connect with Tanda

Facebbok Free Phoenix

IG @shopfreephoenix 

Episode 59

This week's special guest co-host is Mike Ryan.

GuitarGrips Guitar Hangers is a one of a kind product designed to give you one of the three Cs-- cool, creepy, or cute. These one of kind products are the brain child of the Ryan family. Mike Ryan, grew up as a musician and with the help of his his parents Dale and Sylviaand younger sister Kelly they created GuitarGrips. 

The life of an entrepreneur is not always an easy one but it can be made easier with the help of those you are close to--it also provides it's own unique opportunities. 
We talk about names, Game of Thrones, and the business of family business. 
Connect with Mike
Shop Guitar Grips - WebsiteGuitar Grip Guitar hangers - Facebook

Episode 58

This week’s special guest co host is Brandy Joe Plambeck.

Wyoming native, is now a staple of the Ferndale performance arts community. He lives there with his husband, Joe Bailey. Together they founded The two founded The Ringwald Theatre in downtown Ferndale in May of 2007. Brandy Joe is a multifaceted creative—actor, director, stage manager, photographer, cuddle-expert, horror movie buff and likes to laugh at his own jokes. He loves his friends and family and thinks life is pretty darn awesome.

He has worked incredibly hard to have the life he does—and bravely shares in detail the work he has had to do in the past year.

Connect with Brandy Joe

Facebook - Brandy Joe Plambeck

IG - @brandyjoeplamy

The Ringwald IG - @theringwald

The Ringwald Facebook- The Ringwald

Brandy Joe is currently stage managing Brian Parks' play, THE HOUSE, playing March 29-April 22 at The Ringwald Theatre.

And he will be appearing on stage next in FUNNYMAN, playing at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville from May 30-June 30.

Episode 57

Special Guest Co-Host Heather Coleman Voss

Heather Coleman Voss—is an inspiration.

She is a Certified Professional Career Coach, a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Certified Business Solutions Professional—mother, partner, friend, community leader, and like I said an inspiration.

For years she has been on the cutting edge of networking, career searching, community development by way of social media. She has taken her passion for helping people, career development and social media to forge a whole new career for herself. She wants to help you do it too.

Be ready to be inspired, and LEARN SO SO MUCH!!!

Episode 56

Born and raised in Detroit Tam White is a comedic performer. She can be seen performing stand-up in the metro Detroit area, regularly preforms improv in Ferndale MI, loves to freestyle rap and write comedic songs/poetry for fun.

She’s passionate about music, performance, relationships, and so much more.

I’m so excited for get to know Tam better!!!

Connect with Tam-

IG @tamtaztik

Facebook - Tam White

Episode 55

This week is the Detroit born, Lansing living lawyer by day comedian by night Robert Jenkins is our special guest co-host.

Come out to see him in person for the $2,019 in 2019: A Comedy Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.

The doors to Mac’s Bar ( 700 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, Michigan 48912), it’s an evening of stand up comedy and a silent auction with all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood in Lansing.

It’s going to be a great night for an outstanding cause.

Connect with Robert

Website http://www.robjcomedy.com/

IG @robjcomedy

Twitter @RobJComedy

Facebook - Robert Jenkins

Episode 54

This week’s special guest co-host is Say Kennedy.

Say is a multifaceted, magnetizing, and true fashion maven. Managing passion practices in photography, art, teaching, activism, community engagement, and Buffy.

Lots to enjoy!

Episode 52

Joe Aasim is awesome.

This week’s special guest co-host is Joe Aasim—cyclist, activist, musician, creative, football player, team builder, etc. etc. etc. He’s a modern renaissance man, exploring a variety of expertise and curiosities—inviting friends to come on the adventure.

This is going to be, awesome.

Episode 51

Welcome back to #thezhaileyshow!!!

This week's special guest co-host is Jessica Huminston-Aman is a licensed counselor who specializes in working with the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as individuals on the autism spectrum. In addition to her passions to help better connect people to themselves, and find better understand for families--she is also a passionate DND player, improviser, and friend. 

She has presented on LGBTQIA+ allyship and affirmative practices for MORC and at the Re:Con conference. She presented on using table top gaming for therapy to the Autism Alliance of Michigan, and at Penguicon.

She's magic this one, and I'm so excited for you to get to know Jessy.

Episode 51 ENJOY!!!

Episode 50

This week the zhailey show has 50 episodes!!!!

To celebrate the OG special guest co-host Jennifer Schropp returns to talk about life since we last spoke--over dinner.

She also shares about opening Kismet Studio, which is hosting their first annual Holiday Soiree! On Saturday December 1, from 5pm-8pm join them for wine tasting, treats, shopping local vendors and buy some wine to help raise money for a local animal shelter!

ALL THE DETAILS>>> http://bit.ly/2Sge1sP

This is the best way I could think to celebrate getting half way to 100!!!!

I'm going on holiday from now until the New Year--to create fresh content for 2019.

Until we meet again, be well, be nice to yourself, do nice things, and love you cheers.

Connect with Jennifer

Facebook Kismet Studio

IG @kismet.studio

IG @hairdreamergypsy

Episode 49

This week’s special guest co-host is Alex Bozinovic.

Alex is a MetroDetroit stand-up comedian, teams up with John Mahar, to co-host Cellarmen's Comedy Night in Hazel Park, MI—and a wild dedicated gamer.

We discuss comedy, the dark side of games, musical tastes, being non-tradidtional, and actually hang out in the day light.

Connect with Alex

Cellarmen’s Comedy Night - Facebook Page

Next Show Saturday December 2nd, 9pm tickets $5 21+

Give to the Partnership with Native Americans CLICK HERE

Episode 48

This week, we have TWO special guest co-hosts. YAY!

Co-founders of Not Sorry Apparel Dy-Min Johnson, and Jessica Minnick. These two goddess meet at a kick boxing class. After bonding over sparing, they found inspiration in one another—taking a simple idea for a bad-ass corp top design and turning it into a revolutionary business.

Dy-Min and Jessica realized that they were done saying sorry for owning who they are, and decided they wanted to create a line that would empower themselves to live their lives more unapologetically. Offering that power to other along the way.

Not Sorry Apparel is stitching together creative & sustainable solutions to combat the growing fast fashion problem. By re-branding & upcycling pre-loved garments, we provide stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces that customers can afford and feel good about wearing.   

They have a combined 20 years of experience in marketing, design, retail, management and customer service. Currently they operate at Ponyride - 1401 Vermont St, Detroit.

We talk about friendship, self discovery, getting into business, style, Not Sorry Apparel’s winter collections—and generally living NOT SORRY.

Connect with Not Sorry Apparel-

STORE >>> notsorryapparel.com

Book your private shopping experience HERE

IG @notsorryapparel

Episode 47

This week’s special guest co-host is Johanna Medranda.

Johanna is a dyanmic powerhouse from the Detroit comedy scene. Taking to the stage and producing a variety of shows. She is co-founder of production company Honorary Mentions Comedy, and producer of showcase “The Free Pizza Show” along with the open mic “Tastless Tuesday”.

We discuss merch, the business of comedy, women in comedy, and learn more about one another.

It’s a real treat!

Connect with Johanna

FB- Honorary Mentions

Instagram: @honorarymentions 

Episode 46

This week’s special guest co-host is Metro Detroit artist Mark Sarmel.

Mark Moreno is the secret identity (or real legal name) of superhero-artist Mark Sarmel. He grew up surrounded by women in Texas, and now lives in the land of Great Lakes creating vibrant, intense, animation inspired art.

His passion is to create art inspired by his love of comic books, Japanese animation, sociocultural anthropology, mythology, Hip-Hop and fashion.

We discuss his craft, the importance of representation, respect for cultures, experience with potential sex workers, Anime, and I only get fan girl voice once…okay maybe twice.


2D3D HERO (2nd Annual Fashion Design Dare Challenge)

Saturday November 3 6pm

Fisher Building3011 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Connect with Mark Sarmel

Website sarmel.com

Facebook facebook.com/marksarmel

IG @marksarmel
Twitter @marksarmel

Tumblr marksarmel.tumblr.com