Episode 36

This week's special guest co-host is Monique King.

This comedian, fashionn-niesta, social service warrior, and modern mother is a woman for all ages. She's a successful both in her professional field, as well as on stage--or on bus.

There were some technical difficulties--but there is still a lot of show to enjoy. Also keep a look out for a BONUS episode featuring Monique coming soon.

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Ig @moluaghs

Book her to host your tour at the Detroit Bus Company!!

Episode 35

This week's special guest co-host is Leslie Gauthier.

It's an understatement to say I'm excited to have her on the show...it's sorta been on my wish list. 

Leslie is an illustrator, artist, burlesque dancer, minimal french speaker, body positive advocate, and total modern vixen. She enjoys patios, beer, succulents, drawing sexy naked men on larger than life food. Why? Because YUMMMMM!

We discuss her journey toward cultivating her craft, best practices when shopping artist booths, rules of commissions, sexy bodies, and Ferndale.  

Nothing left to do but enjoy!

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Do You. For You.

This week's special guest co-host is Yaz Hill.

This Detroit native, and is now living in Chi-city. Yaz is special--part creative-part curator. Creating as a musician, a stand up comedian, actor and artist. Curating by using her skills as a video editor.

In this day and age it's difficult to know your source of motivation--Yaz sees it very clearly. We discuss family, music, talent, her work with her 48 hour film team Detroit City Kitties, boundaries, FashionNova, and doing you for YOU.


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IG: yazbat
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Stand up mixtape

King Consistence

Episode 33's special guest co-host is Dru Wes.

This Detroit native, is now on the West Coast pursing his career as a singer song writer. This heart-throb can play multiple instruments, writes his own lyrics and is deeply connected to his family. He is committed to his craft, putting in the work, and enjoying every minute of it.

We are talking about consistency, big moves, mentors, and staying in the moment.



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IG- @druwes

Facebook Page- Dru Wes

YouTube: Dru Wes

Curious about his sound?

Check out his latest track--That Girl is Mine


Episode 32 Firestarter
Featuring Special Guest Co-Host Miles Marie.

Miles Marie or Nomadic Madam, is someone who can tell a story, with or without words. She uses make-up, photography, w, her natural nurturer skills, even the way she journeys tells a tale. 

We  discuss fish, chicks, artistry, bodies, consent, Grease, love, passion, photography, and curiosity. 


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Babe In Deutschland

Alexander Porzondek.

Aside from being a brilliant-charming-beefcake--he is an athlete, dog lover, adventurer, and sweetheart. He started off as a student in my yoga classes, became my friend, and is the special guest co-host for  episode 31.

We discuss friendship, careers, on-line dating, studying aboard, and continue to get to know one another.

Get ready to swoon! 

All Over Again

Episode 30.5
Well friend, you are now privy to a special conversation between myself and special guest co-host Liz Girard.

Pull from our sit down from Episode 30, we discuss the art of make-up, drag, confidence, and exploring being the magic that is YOU!

At the end of the episode you'll be able to her Liz's first solo track All Over Again.



"All Over Again" -Liz Girard
Written & Produced by Liz Girard Mossburger and Jesse Wozniak. 
Mastered by Jim Kissling.

Connect with Liz:
FACEBOOK: Liz Girard Mossburger
INSTAGRAM: lizzyboomstix
TWITTER: @liz_girard

Dare to Care

Liz Girard is a person who has dared to give a shit about herself.

Throughout her life she has worked to pursue dreams, build careers, rock out, and actively care for herself.  Building a business selling insurance at just 17, moving out to NYC to study her love for musicals, creating a band, exploring the art of make up, become a warrior for her body, and...that's just the beginging.

We talk about our love for Bette, make-up, music, passion, and daring to give a shit about YOU! This episode is full of prizes!!!

Including Liz's FIRST SOLO TRACK!!!

"All Over Again" -Liz Girard
Written & Produced by Liz Girard Mossburger and Jesse Wozniak. 
Mastered by Jim Kissling.

Connect with Liz:
FACEBOOK: Liz Girard Mossburger
INSTAGRAM: lizzyboomstix
TWITTER: @liz_girard

Put This On Your Mind

Nour Khaled is a Muslim Arabic American, University of Michigan graduate, independent woman, and dare I say Jedi. She has worked hard to put herself on the path she desired--she's on her way to become hard to become a cardiovascular surgeon and mentor.

This week we're talking body positivity, creating the life you want, a middle child who had to manage up, Star Wars, and growing up as a Muslim American. 



This week my special guest co-host is Jay Orellana.  
Jay is a MAC makeup artist, per diem drag performer, full-time friendly face and the best damn Horchata maker in town. Mixing beauty, intelligence, charm, and humor to make a delicious cocktail of friendship. 

We're talking family history, style, confidence, identity, and casting our mom's in the movies for our lives.

Nothing left to do but enjoy.

Connect with Jay.
IG- @ihatej

All Extra

Destiny Traver.

From the moment I met her I knew she was someone special. She has worked hard to build a life that allows her to live in the truth of her love, curiosity, passions, and all the while being ALL EXTRA.

She lives her life in the most honorable way--without apology. She strives to help liberate, educate, and empower #Womben of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.

This week we're discussing women's health, party planning, long term relationships, inspirations, and small interruptions. 


Want to connect with Destiny? 
Let me know-- @zhailey or zhailey.com/connect

Unapologetically You

Ann Fancy.

Wife, mom, yoga teacher, motivational speaker, wellness enthusiast and authenticity advocate. She taught the first yoga class I ever attended, and I've been in awe ever since. Her time is spent juggling her many roles while standing in the light of helping others advocate for their own truth, authenticity, wellness and freedom.

Her motto: Be unapologetically you.

This week we're discussing curiosity, self study, yoga, growth, and creating space for YOU in your life.

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IG @ann.fancy 

Facebook: Ann Fancy

Gentlefolk About Town

Nick Britsky is one of those gentlefolk around town. He is a student of quality consumption, the art of community, and makes a damn fine drink. (Don't believe me...see recipe below). 

He identifies himself as a Metro Detroit ad executive that masquerades as a cocktail blogger. You can find his contributions to a number of local publications, is often on the news talking about spirits and runs.


Connect with Nick:


IG: @nbritsky

Facebook nickdrinksdotcom.

Curious about the drink we shared on the show? 

Check out Nick's Perfect  Day Drinking Daiquiri:

What you need-

  • 2oz Rum
  • 1oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1/2oz Simple Syrup.

Shake everything with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

For the show, Nick made variation with Wilkes & Wilson's Pineapple Gomme Syrup instead of simple.

*Don't forget to drink responsibility, and thoughtfully*

Musings Episode 12

There are times when we find ourselves desperate to really give someone a piece of our mind. After an offense there's a build up of agitation, energy, and HURT that comes to a boil we seek validation, acknowledgement, or some effort of amens.

If we don't get it, do we then demand it? Or is there profound value in...silence?

This week I'm talking the power of saying nothing, and focusing on YOU!

Look Into YOU

Regina Ward is a healer, teacher, and really gives me a run for my money at being #1 on the grind!

Her tools of healing come from a long history of getting to know herself and her body. She has utilized the study of her intellect, yoga, dance, and the human body to help people find a path to self exploration, and truly enjoying their bodies. She's a yoga teacher, Zumba instructor, health coach, she offers a schedule of yoga classes, private classes, tarot readings,  Reiki Therapy and Thai Healing Massage at her space in Eastern Market. 

I'm so excited for you to get to know this profound source of love, light, and yoga.


Connect with Regina

Email address: regina@mibodykarma.com

Website: www.mibodykarma.com

IG: @mibodykarma

FB: MI Body Karma

Regina Ward is administering her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in April 2018. Contact her directly for early bird discount, and general info!