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From the moment I meet her, I put Shannon on my "keep an eye on this one" list. She is a taste maker, brilliant, talented, smart, creative, kind--o you know I could go on. It's hard to describe her in just a sentence because she is so multifaceted--which is why this episode we talk about careers, style, inspiration, Barbie, rice experiments, the 1970s, love, and...all the things. 

She's even generous enough to share some of her styling tips for your classic closet this this seasons big trends.

So much to enjoy.

Connect with Shannon:

IG: @ShadesofShann

All Privilege

Number 1 fan of the zhailey show.

One of my best friends.

Episode 12's special guest co-host Ben Langworthy.

Ben and I have been friends for a very long time. We built our friendship on facebook messages, real talk, inside jokes, and our ability to comfortably talk about metaphysics. We laugh at and with each other. Episode 12 is no exception.

We talk about getting to know one another, comedy, bee keeping, children, and how the universe has your back. 

You will enjoy.

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Twitter: @bensnotfunny

IG: @bensnotfunny

Snapchat: @bensnotfunny

Do I still have a Perm?

Do I still have a perm?

Esther Nevarez is BAB Level 7 in the Metro Detroit comedy scene, improvisor, yoga fan, meditation maven, and cat enthusiast. She balances her life between her passions, and her career of passion—working as a sound engineer. 

We talk about how you can take your natural talents, interests, and unite them with your passions to live a life celebrating a constant practice of NOW. All the while making dick jokes, and talking about Daria. It’s a great episode. 



Twitter- @esthertoi

Instagram- @esthertoi

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To celebrate making it into the double digits, I sat down with a VERY special guest co-host.

Ms. Ellie Harvey. Ellie is a 12 year old who has done a lot of profound work in a short amount of time. She enjoys living beyond the concept of limitations, by doing things that people tell her girls can't do. Like crushing it as one of the only girls in a traditionally boys only tackle football league.

When she's not flexing her talents as an athlete in 4 different realms, she rocks out to R&B, and  enjoys watching Seinfeld and then quoting the show in real life situations with her super cool and funny Dad

It was a real treat to get a peek into the life of a modern twelve year old, and I can't think of a better way to to toast the big 1-0!


Lovable Odd Ball


I'm so excited that for this episode you get to know the bad-ass tender hearted stand up comic heart throb in Detroit. Ray-Authenticity-Hollifield, or perhaps better known as Ray, of The Ray and Laura Comedy Showcase which he and co-producer Laura Witkowski put on first Thursday of every month at Small's Bar in Hamtramck.

When he's not working on his craft he's spending time in the city of Hamtramck with his daughter and pitbull, and reads as many comics as he wants--he's 37, he's a grown ass man. Enjoy getting to know someone who truly a progressive edge, who is deeply rooted in himself, and has maybe the cutest laugh.


Thursday June 29th at 7pm we are practicing together as a community in honor and memory of Brian Zemba and to support our dear Anne Zemba during this difficult time.

Just for showing up, Somerset is generously donating $20 on your behalf.

Even if you do not practice yoga, we can sit and breathe as a community together. A special thank you to lululemon for helping organize the event.

You can also donate to help cover funeral and medical costs> bit.ly/teamzemba
Photo by: Jennifer Johnson
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Who Do You Think You Are?

Jonathan Mann joins us this week to talk about identity, science, music, and sweat pants.

He has been a music/arts instructor at Macomb Community College for ten years, in addition is a yoga instructor at Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester where he teaches slow flow, vinyasa, and yin classes.

He is currently studying myomassology at Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan.

Connect with Jonathan:
Email: j.mann82@me.com
Instagram: @jonathan.mann
FB: facbook.com/JonathanEMann

Episode 8: Challenge

During this week's episode my special guest co-host Loyd Digg and I talked about the pursuit of partners, and I gave Loyd a challenge.

I shared about how I'm no longer looking for "the one"--but rather my "two." During the last three years I've done a lot of work to forge a deeper connection, appreciation, and love for myself. Which lead me to realize that...I am the one I have been looking for. I am a complete and full person, seeking someone else on my level to be my partner.

On this quest, my coach asked me the following questions--

Answer the following two questions;

1. What do you have to offer your ideal partner?

2. What does your ideal partner have to offer to you?

My initial answers gave me tremendous insights about my who I should be investing my time in, what types of habits I need to engage in or alter, and ultimately have helped me better target opportunity candidates.

During this week's episode I challenged Loyd to answer these questions in 3 bullet points/sentences. Forcing a particular focus--what are your top three offers, and your top three desires from a partner? 

I want to invite you to share your insights as well. Submit your responses to the zhailey connect page, or use the #thezhaileyshow hash tag. 

The Challenge:

Answer the following two questions, in three bullet points (that can be 1-2 sentences each). Be honest, and concise.

1. What do you have to offer your ideal partner?

2. What does my ideal partner have to offer to you?


1. What do I have to offer your ideal partner?

  • I offer my ideal partner the charm of my company
  • I offer my ideal partner a sense of confidence, wonder, and ambition
  • I offer my ideal partner honest and direct communication

2. What does your ideal partner offer you?

  • My ideal partner provides me space to be myself
  • My ideal partner supports my endeavors and provides comfort
  • My ideal partner initiates adventure, conversation, and fun.

There are no right or wrong answers. There are no permanent answers. 

I cannot wait to hear form you!

Long Term Acquaintance


Loyd Digg is a Detroit born comedian, admirer of science, polyamorous, and philosopher.  He warns us to be aware of "cherry pickers." 

We have known one another for years, meeting through our mutual friend the late great Ron Marshall, and circling in the Metro Detroit comedy scene.

Listen closely for this episode challenge.

Connect with Loyd

Facebook: Loyd Digg's Fan Page: http://bit.ly/2sPlV39

Twitter & IG: @loyddigg

YouTube: Loyd Digg #LoydHaveMercy

Pick It Up


Melanie Hearn is a real gem in the metro Detroit comedy scene.  You need to make a point to go see her shine.


Her comedy is vibrant, intelligent, personal and absolutely hilarious. I’ve had the pleasure to not only share the stage with her as her peer—but to also call her my friend.

In this episode Melanie shares about her journey into the craft of comedy, her career, experiences with online dating, and our mutual love for our fellow female comedians. 

She gives some of the best advice I'd ever experienced--put down the tea and pick up the Red Bull. 

There is so much to enjoy!!!

Connect with Melanie

Instagram: @melaniej_comedy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComedianMelanieHearn/

Email: melaniejcomedy@gmail.com

Love Your Ugly

Laurah Bajorek is a being difficult to describe in a title. While she does many things— writer, story teller, crafter, is supportive to many people— sister, wife, mother, but is more who she is not what she does. We have agreed that the best we can do is call her a student—a student of herself, a student of her relationships, and a student of her curiosities. 

Laurah is a shining light in my life, not only bringing in nourishing glow, but also acting as a guiding light toward myself, my future, and this glorious future!!! 

We discuss the beauty of words, being not sorry, ugly gritty dancing, how much we love you, and our true feelings about hockey. 

B.A.B. Level 7

Emily Bowman is a leader in the Metro Detroit UX community, incredible human being, and absolute muse. This genius is capable of talking website maps, complex systems, and the details of any 90s rom-com.

Her craft allows her to create the ideal experience humans have with digital content, design intuitive websites, and continue her study of what she calls the most fascinating beings on the planet—human beings. 

Summary: Emily Mahood-Bowman is a badass-bitch level 7.

Download & enjoy!

Connect with Emily:

Website: http://embowman.net/

Twitter: @awesomania

Uncomfortably Nice> CHALLENGE!

Hello friends!

During Episode 4, I challenged Mat Richards to write a love letter to himself. Something that would simply say something remarkably kind to himself. Three sentences that acknowledge the things he admires, respects, adores, and genuinely enjoy about himself.

I also challenge you my friend to do the same thing. 

Write a love letter to yourself. It could be a letter, it could be just three simple sentences, it could be lyrics, lines of a poem, words writing into a picture--however you want to express your love for yourself.

You are welcome to keep your love letters to yourself, however if you'd like to share your love letter I'd love to hear it. You can even make it anonymous. Feel free to use the zhailey show; connect page, email me at connect@zhailey.com, message them to me at twitter/IG @zhailey and the hashtag #thezhaileyshow. 

Are you ready to face the challenge?


Uncomfortably Nice

Mat with one T Richards, is a local stand up comedian, who has turned down opening for screech by saved by the bell. And is also still unsure of it that was a good idea or not.

That’s how he currently describe himself, his friends (me) would describe him as the adult man who would definitely win “Most Likely to be Confused as a Modern Day Lumber Jack” as well as one of the most tender-hearted heart throbs on the Metro Detroit comedy scene.

He has lived a vast and interesting life that has brought him around the country, into some interesting situations, and is currently providing him the opportunity to think compassionately toward himself.

I’m so excited for you to enjoy Episode 4 “Uncomfortably Nice.”

Connect with Mat:
Email: matrichards3@gmail.com
Facebook: Mat Richards


Men Who Get Pedicures

Michael Geeter is a modern day renaissance man. He has lived a tremendous life. 

He grew up as the funniest kid of seventeen siblings, went on to live out some Ferris Buller high school years, became Cornell University graduate, and one of the hottest stars in the in the Metro-Detroit Comedy scene.

Opening for the likes of Artie Lange, Jim Norton, Bobby Slayton, and Rickey Smiley, and has appeared on Fox TV’s “Laughs.” 

I had such a good time talking about pedicures, growing up, deep voices, and some intense topics. 

Lucky me, we’re going to get pedicures, and see Get Out together sometime soon!

Enjoy every second of his perfect voice.

Connect with Mike Geeter

Facebook: Michael Geeter Comedy
IG: OhMikeGeeter
T: OhMikeGeeter
W: www.mikegeeter.com
E: mike@michaelgeeter.com

Valid Feelings

You can know someone for a long time, and still learn something new about them—which is absolutely the case when I had the chance to sit down with Jeff Horste—comedian, secret philosopher, and chooser of happiness.

You’d be surprised that when you bring together comedians that sometimes they talk about more than dick jokes, bad shows, or the fear that all this art is for not. Especially after listening to this episode—I’m so excited for your to hear the soothing deep voice of a skinny white guy fueled by his passion and energy drinks.

Connect with Jeff Horse

A Successful Chain of Women

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Schropp for more than 10 years, and really connected with her when I became one of her clients. 

Jennifer is the ultimate hair magician, body-positive-body-builder, but to her core she is truly a hippie-goddess who cares about everyone’s well-being and works so hard to empower others.

She lives a life fueled by her passion! Jen is constant student of her life; continuing her studies of her craft, the world around her, and anything that might tickle her fancy.

Bottom line—Jennifer is SO COOL.

I’m so excited for you to get to know this absolute goddess. We’re going to talk about how we met, our passion for successful communities of women, cool dads, and friends that are really out of this world.

Connect with Jennifer Schropp

EMAIL: Jschropp143@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenniferschropp

IG: @HairDreamerGypsy