Standard Expectations

One of the the most recent blessings in my life Abu. While he might be soft spoken his perspective on life is BIG. We discuss body image, eating/activity habits, retail experience, the power of humor, and the standard expectations of relationships--with partners, friends, and your parents. 

Abu is a man who is not afraid to do the work to have the life that you want--between the effort and the self care. His advice is always simple; drink water, go for a walk, moisturize your skin, and mind your damn business. 

There is a lot to learn, and even more to enjoy.

Watch out there's a surprise twist at the end!


Rituals of Value

Erica Treais Holms is the future. Committed to working on her self, pursuing her passions, and honoring in every sense of the word her value.

Erica's life seems like a ritual of value.



She has found a way to take her passions and turn them into a career. She is a photo editor, photographer, yoga teacher and cycling enthusiast .Fun fact she also helps manage a juice company based out of Miami and Chicago. 

Inspired by her past cycling injuries Erica is driven share anatomically smart yoga to help build a life long process. She takes just as much care when she considers her value, and her commitment to it is unshakeable.

We discuss passions, careers, mentors, yoga, cycling, romance, conscious consumption, and rituals of honoring YOUR value.

Listen up, Queen is speaking.

Connect with Erica...


IG: @etreephoto

FB: Erica Treais 

Musings Episode 7

Let's acknowledge that sometimes it just sucks.

This week we're looking at the teeth marks from when life bites you in the soft tissue, before I we start dressing the wound. Take a moment to acknowledge and process those "moment of impact" feelings doesn't take away from the fact that eventually you will figure it out and it will "un-suck" take the time to process your feelings.

Don't get stuck, Starshine. 
But take a moment to exhale and acknowledge this fucking sucks.

Ainsley Hayes!

The end of the era of Tim K has come for me, I'm now stepping into the time of Tim Krzyczkowski. 

Tim Krzyczkowski, is a improvisor, writer, video producer, newly wed, and adoptive dog dad. We have known each other for nearly a decade of our friendship, clearly both are very passionate about politics, and the first time in our friendship--we're talking about it. 

We discuss politics, comedy and politics, social media and politics, politics and culture, 45, just for fun his relationship with his wife, and just for fun we talk about his dog!

I'm so excited to celebrate getting to 20 episodes, and I feel lucky to celebrate with Tim Krzyczkowski yelling Ainsley Hayes!!

Seconds of O, Eric.

Just in time to celebrate making it to 20 episodes, here is a second helping of Eric Ostrowski with a special BONUS episode of the zhailey show.

Continuing the delight that is conversing with O, Eric we continue to full circle our discussion with a look at our favorite winter trends, readings, Hogwarts houses, and potential audible sponsorships. It's a real treat.


The O, Eric Episode

Without a doubt Eric Ostrowski, is a star.

This vibrant, charming, intelligent, and multifaceted being is just a treat to know. We talk self-care, routines, yoga, LUSH, and he has helped my dreams come true. I've been hoping that the zhailey show can help bring knowledge to give my friends power, and he leads a intro to insurance seminar that will literally change your life. 

Knowledge is power, and Eric is serving it today.

I'm so excited to have you meet one of your new best friend--who can hook you up with the best info to take care of yourself, and your health insurance. 


Little Big Things

I met Alex Schimmel recently and he is a real inspiration to me. 


Born into a yoga family, Alex is on the path to share the practice of yoga and healthy living with the world. He shares spiritual teachings in a modern, relatable way.

Alex is currently the yoga manager at Life Time- Bloomfield and one of the National master trainers for the company. He lives with the belief that everything in life happens for you, not to you, and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be.

This--is a GREAT conversation, and I'm so excited for you to get to know Alex.

Connect with Alex


IG @alexschimmelyoga

FB Alex Schimmel Yoga


Feeding the Body

This is exactly who you need to meet for the start of 2018.

Marielle Heidebrink is a holistic health & wellness coach on a mission to help women live happier and healthier lives. She believes in the power of seeking joy, choosing kale, and breathing deep.  It's clear when you meet her that she wants great things for her life and yours. 

She's a yoga teacher, fast reader, curry lover, and aspiring macramé-er.  Currently she's focused on learning to love her thighs, and working on her first book. 

We discuss our friendship, Holistic Health, nourishment,  pleasure lists, and treating yourself. There is SO MUCH to enjoy, and becoming Marielle's new friend--is absolutely one of them.

Enjoy the first episode of 2018.

Connect with Marielle:
IG> @MarielleHeidebrink


Musings Episode 2

Hello Muses.

This week on Musings, I've issued a challenge in an effort to help you flex your reflection muscles to gain more self-awareness.

What are your strengths?

What are your magic powers?

What is your favorite thing about yourself today?  

If the answers don't spring to life right away, this week's challenge will help you feel more confident in clearly stating what you know to be true about YOU.

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Dark Dad Jokes.

John Mahar.

John. Mahar.


 John Mahar is a thinker, husband, father, comedian, and my favorite in Metro Detroit. 

Like so many of my special guest co-hosts, I was amazed what I was able to learn about someone I have such a soft spot for. I cannot wait for you to learn about John Mahar's work, thought processes, music career, creative process, and...just how outstanding this true urban cowboy is.

Connect with John Mahar

Twitter @juanadog

IG @_grandjuan_

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Cellarmen's Comedy Night December 2, DETAILS>>> HERE

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Hello Muses.

Welcome to the latest segment of the zhailey show; Musings. 

My intention is to offer a theme, inspiration, advice, or challenge to help you connect with your magic, or inspire you right at the start of your week.

This week I'm talking about becoming a more active witness to your body in just three easy steps.

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KJ Robinson, the ultimate heart throb of the Detroit comedy scene. He's smart, funny, equal parts nerd and badass--and came in second in a spelling bee. I love KJ because he's able to walk between so many worlds which gives him such a unique perspective and attitude. It's a very special kind of magic.

This week we talk about movies, comedy specials, the struggles of people of color, Predators, and future plans. 

Get ready to enjoy!


Connect with KJ

Facebook : KJ Robinson - Comedian 

Twitter: @howtobekj 

IG:  @howtobeKJ