Uncomfortably Nice> CHALLENGE!

Hello friends!

During Episode 4, I challenged Mat Richards to write a love letter to himself. Something that would simply say something remarkably kind to himself. Three sentences that acknowledge the things he admires, respects, adores, and genuinely enjoy about himself.

I also challenge you my friend to do the same thing. 

Write a love letter to yourself. It could be a letter, it could be just three simple sentences, it could be lyrics, lines of a poem, words writing into a picture--however you want to express your love for yourself.

You are welcome to keep your love letters to yourself, however if you'd like to share your love letter I'd love to hear it. You can even make it anonymous. Feel free to use the zhailey show; connect page, email me at connect@zhailey.com, message them to me at twitter/IG @zhailey and the hashtag #thezhaileyshow. 

Are you ready to face the challenge?