Episode 48

This week, we have TWO special guest co-hosts. YAY!

Co-founders of Not Sorry Apparel Dy-Min Johnson, and Jessica Minnick. These two goddess meet at a kick boxing class. After bonding over sparing, they found inspiration in one another—taking a simple idea for a bad-ass corp top design and turning it into a revolutionary business.

Dy-Min and Jessica realized that they were done saying sorry for owning who they are, and decided they wanted to create a line that would empower themselves to live their lives more unapologetically. Offering that power to other along the way.

Not Sorry Apparel is stitching together creative & sustainable solutions to combat the growing fast fashion problem. By re-branding & upcycling pre-loved garments, we provide stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces that customers can afford and feel good about wearing.   

They have a combined 20 years of experience in marketing, design, retail, management and customer service. Currently they operate at Ponyride - 1401 Vermont St, Detroit.

We talk about friendship, self discovery, getting into business, style, Not Sorry Apparel’s winter collections—and generally living NOT SORRY.

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