The Idea Goddess is here to help! 

Figuring out your true North, developing self-esteem, soft skills and self care routines, working on your relationships with your body, managing your relationships, developing your career path, enjoying sex, getting the support you need to just get it together is tough. Really seriously, tough.

Your struggle is real, unique, and you do not have to do this work alone.

I see you. 

I want to help.

You are not alone.

Throughout my life I have overcome great challenges; decades of bullying, sexual assault/harassment, self-esteem/body image issues, relationship challenges, building a career in a tumultuous and transforming economy. 

I have done a tremendous amount of work to build my self-confidence, maintain a positive relationship with my body, elevate my professional presence and cultivate a curiosity practice about myself. This self work lead me to become a comedian, improviser, activist, model, Certified Yoga teacher, and Life Coach.

I have experience supporting survivors of bullying, domestic violence and sexual assault, LGBTQIA individuals, young professionals, people struggling with confidence/body image issues, those seeking accountability and support.

I want to help you become better connected to yourself as well as others, get into the groove with your practices and find a space where you can live in your full power--all the time.

During our Discovery Call, you will have space to share your experience, chat about goals and we can create a package to best accommodate your needs and budget.

Discovery Call

To get us started let’s discuss your hopes, opportunities, powers and goals. 

During this complimentary 30 minute call we will figure out how I can best help you at this time.

If it makes sense, we will create a customized program to best accommodate your goals and your budget.

At the end of our call you will receive a follow up email with any recommendations. Even if you’re in need of other types of support I will forward along any referrals or resources I have access to.

Price List

During our Discovery Call we will devise a plan to best maximize our time together.

Your program will be unique to you.

The focus will always be how to best support you in achieving your goals. This may mean meeting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I will also work hard to consider how to best accommodate your budget.

For the greatest value for our time together consider one of the package bundles.


Single Coaching Session $150

Bronze $750

Six 60 minute sessions 

Silver $1,100

Ten 60 minute sessions

Gold $1,500

Fifteen 60 minute sessions

I accept partial payments for all plans. Acceptable payment - PayPal & Venmo

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

I offer engaging workshops, team building practices and am one of the best damn keynotes!

With my unique background I offer a wide array of topics-- including self identity, creating quality team communication, brainstorming sessions, practices of curiosity, and more.

Let’s talk about custom content for your program.